Breathe With Me Yoga specializes in yoga classes for children and families, while also offering classes for seniors.

We Tame WILD Canadian Children! (Yes, even yours)

Why teach kids yoga?

…because they need it! Children are naturals when it comes to yoga. However, kids today don’t move as much as they should. Yoga at an early age encourages self-esteem and body awareness with a physical activity that’s non-competitive. We offer a thoughtful combination of poses and breathing techniques for children that are brought to life through play, songs and storytelling. Classes foster strength, creativity, focus, cooperation, and confidence for a happy, healthy and balanced life.

Likewise, seniors don’t move like they used to in their younger years. We offer a gentle stretching and meditation experience in a seated position that makes it easy to participate. There are no winners or losers in yoga, just explorers! Our goal is to make a difference in everyone’s life. We would love to make a difference in your life today.

Regular Programs

Play Time • Calm Kids • Calm Youth • Calm Families

Special Programs

School Programs, Birthday Parties, Camps and more

It's better to teach healthy kids now, ​

then fix broken adults later! ​

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