Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, drop ins are welcomed – space permitting. If you are new to classes, please drop in to any class for a free trial AFTER signing our on-line waiver form. Future classes are $15 for kids or $18 for adults.  The link to register for your free class is below.
No worries. All of our little ones are usually happy in class since there is so much to see and do. If your little one gets fussy, you can tend to their needs and they can rejoin class. It’s the perfect environment because all of the little ones are at the same stage. Some little ones enjoy having a guardian sit on their mat during class.
Registration is done online from the comfort of your own home!

1. Choose your program from our online store below.
2. Complete your registration and waiver forms.
3. Pay via Credit Card or Visa Debit.
Classes are non-transferable and non-refundable.
Yes! If space remains, we will pro-rate the session for you! Click the link provided below to see if a session has started and whether there are spots available at pro-rated pricing.
Breathe With Me Yoga takes pride in supporting our clients in every way possible. We want you to have an incredible experience in our amazing classes. We pride ourselves on the personal attention that we give our clients and therefore limit our class sizes. Make-up classes will always be encouraged when and if space is available, however they are not guaranteed. Please consider attending by drop in if you will be missing several classes. How to claim a make up:

1. Maximum of 2 free make ups per session; additional make ups are $5.
2. Classes must be made up within your registered session; no carry overs. No exceptions.
3. Please email us for your requested make up class.
4. Your make up may be located at another venue during the same session. If you cannot attend one of our other venues, there will not be the opportunity to make up the class.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Updates related to classes will be added to Facebook. We also send out text notifications and emails, should a class be cancelled.
Please ensure that we have a current email address on file in order to receive these updates.
Absolutely! They make the perfect gift for anyone. Gift certificates can be purchased at the link