Hire Melissa to speak at your next event if you want your audience to leave with their mindset shifted and filled with excitement to take action on the valuable takeaways she provides

With 20 years experience in the field of yoga and mindfulness, Melissa is a leading authority on healing and growth. Melissa has a way of captivating any audience when she speaks. She has the ability to inspire and empower an audience to navigate their way through stress, anxiety and depression. Her powerful Keynote resonates with so many because it is a message they need to hear to make those changes in their lives. She delivers her Keynote speech but also customizes her message to the theme of the event and how the audience will feel and be engaged after.

Hi friends! I am Melissa Anne. I am a mindset coach and personal development speaker. After helping my son navigate anxiety at an early age, it became my biggest passion to help children and their parents navigate their way through anxiety, bullying and positivity. Having also survived postpartum depression and anxiety, I work with a wide range of individuals inspiring and empowering them through stress, anxiety, and depression.


“If you’re looking for a dynamic speaker who can enthrall and engage an audience, you must bring in my friend Melissa Anne. The great thing about Melissa? Her story will have your audience wanting to hear more, and will move them to action. I strongly recommend Melissa for your next event.”

— Tim Burt, International Marketing and Messaging Expert, Award-winning author


“Melissa is a fantastic public speaker with an amazing story. She draws on years of experience helping her clients reach success, happiness and fulfillment. I highly recommend her and look forward to following her work.” 

— Bruce Serbin, Seven-time national award-winning publicist, Award-winning author


“Melissa speaks from the heart. Her heartfelt message will resonate with you and she gives valuable takeaways to immediately apply to your personal and business life. She’s powerful.”

— Serena Brown Travis, The pulpit chic wife, Mother, and International best-selling author

“If you’re looking for a speaker with a powerful, meaningful, motivating message for your organization then Melissa Anne is your best bet!”

Steve Hopkinson, International award-winning speaker, Owner Speakers Momentum Canada


“I would highly recommend Melissa Anne, as I heard her speak and watched her inspire many people with her story. She shared the stage with amazing international speakers, such as The Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt, Serena Brown Travis, Bruce Serbin, Robert J. Moore as well as myself, Ruth Verbree, and many more. Thank you for changing hearts and changing the world Melissa Anne.”

Ruth Verbree, Award-winning, International best-selling author and Founder of “The Renewed Mind”


“Melissa is a natural communicator, sharing her insights through personal experience.”

Patricia Milne, Niagara Falls